Sunday, March 29, 2015

4th Panzer Division report

Here’s a report from 4 Pz. Division. It basically says: “We need T-34 and we need it now”.

From “Panzer Truppen” by Thomas Jentz

“The Russian tanks usually form in a half circle and open fire with their 76mm guns on our Panzers already at a range of 1000m and deliver enormous penetration energy with high accuracy.

Our 5cm Kw.K can achieve penetrations only on vulnerable locations under very special favorable conditions at very close ranges under 50m. Our panzers are already knocked out at a range of several hundred meters. Many times our panzers were split open or the complete commander’s cupola of the Pz.Kpfw.III and IV flew off from the frontal hit…. Russians also have better suspension, diesels, cross-country etc.. During advance from Glebov to Minsk there weren’t any Russian tanks that had broken down due to mechanical failures. In comparison about 20 Panzers alone from Pz. Regiment 35 were left lying on the same road due to mechanical problems.

To combat these Russian tanks the following is needed:
1. Immediately produce copies of the Russian 26 ton tank and employ intact captured 26 and 52 ton tanks. A company is needed for each Pz. Rg.
2. Install the Russian 7.62cm cannon in the Pz.Kpw.IV, even if it is necessary to give up the commander, strengthened armour and the hull machine gun mount.

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